Hide The Cabbage

I wonder how many people skipped right on past this post because of the title, thinking it was just us being disgusting again?

Actually, this one isn’t disgusting at all…in a sense. We have a serious question.

So Carin and I bought one of those Garden Fresh Boxes that the Guelph Community Health Centre is offering. It’s a pretty cool deal. You pay $15 or $20 depending on how much stuff you want, and then a couple weeks later you go down to the place you paid for it and pick up a load of fresh fruit and veggies. You should try it if you live around here and do any cooking at all.

But anyway, our question.

In this box, among all of the strawberries and asparagus and potatoes and spinach and lettuce and rhubarb and garlic and mushrooms and tomatoes and whatever else was in there this month, there lives a cabbage. The problem is that neither Carin nor I really care for cabbage. She doesn’t mind coleslaw, but that’s about where it ends. I’m not sure coleslaw freezes well if at all, so even if we made a big one for her to take in lunches there’s almost no way she’d get through it in time if it can’t be saved for later. So what do we do with this thing? We might be able to give it away to somebody who would love it much more than us, but odds are it’s going to be living here. We don’t want to waste it because we both hate it when things go to waste, but neither of us being fans, how do we eat it without really knowing we’re eating it? Do any of you have any recipes that use cabbage in a hidden sort of way? Any cooking tricks you’ve used to fool kids into eating it that might work on us?

If you’ve got them, we’d love to hear them. We want to put this cabbage to good use, not send it to the grave as a rotten pile of sadness.

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