Finally, A Use For Drones I Can Appreciate

If you thought the tweeting beer vendor was high tech, he’s just been blown away (you’ll see what I did there in a second) by the beer delivering drone.

The “OppiKoppi Beer Drone,” developed by Capetown’s Darkwing Aerials, will serve as a fully functioning beer delivery system during the Oppikoppi outdoor music festival in South Africa this August.

A video released by festival organizers explains that attendees will be able to summon the 8-propeller octocopter using their phones.

The drone will then swoop down and deliver beer via parachutes, based on the customer’s GPS coordinates.

The system hasn’t quite been perfected yet, so this year the drone will be guided by humans for greater accuracy and will only make deliveries to designated areas. The goal is to eventually have a fleet of fully automated beercopters up and running, but there seems to be no timeline as yet to indicate when we will all live in this wonderful future.

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