Features You Don’t See In Cars Anymore

Here’s something to make us all feel nice and old. 11 Features You No Longer See in Cars

A few of these were in before my time, but my family is such that some of them were still totally in long after I was able to retain memories. And some of them I can’t figure out for the life of me why they ever went out, like all that trunk space we used to have. Holy hell does it ever suck packing a car after Christmas anymore, am I right? And as the radio loving passenger who’s often asked to control music and other things for the driver, the last one just speaks to me.

11. Control Knobs

Texting and driving is certainly dangerous, but what about having to read a touch-screen or take your eyes from the road to find the tiny button that controls your defroster/radio station/air conditioning? How much easier it used to be with nice, solid knobs and levers that you either pulled, pushed, slid or twirled, and which were always pretty much in the same place in every car? You could keep your eyes on the road and somehow your right hand instinctively knew which knob was the radio volume and how far to slide the lever to get more heat.

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  1. Pleasepleaseplease don’t let dad buy a car with no audible turn signals. Often he finishes a turn, then forgets to turn it off and we have to bug him to turn it off. Mom calls it the idiot signal.

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