As We Start A New Year, Let’s Look At Something Really Old.

So, Happy New Year and stuff. I really hope 2015 is better. Unfortunately, 2014 couldn’t leave without giving us one last vigourous kick in the gut before it signed off. I’ll let Steve talk more about that, since, out of the two of us, he was the one who got most violently smacked about by this last blast of wickedness.

Before I had to unexpectedly scoot off to help him deal with said wickedness, I saw this in my timeline. Get a load of this 1987 Radio Shack Cell phone commercial.

Apparently, what was considered an affordable price back then was in the range of $1400. Ouch ooch eech!

And this phone was, hmmm, quite beastly. I can’t believe they called it portable when it couldn’t leave the car’s console.

I remember phones like that. My dad had one for a business he was running, and it was huuuuge and went in a giant bag. Hahahaha! Look at how much cell phones have changed.

I wonder what technology will look like in another 28 years. Will we laugh at the iPhone?

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