A Little Thing I Would Love For Apple To Fix

Last Updated on: 18th June 2024, 04:07 pm

If I make a call and then either hold the phone away from me or set it down thus clearly indicating that I wish to activate the speakerphone, why must the damn thing revert to the earpiece when the person on the other end picks up? Is there a practical reason why iPhones do this? If not, can we please fix it? It’s a small thing, but it’s been years and it annoys me.

I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the way Apple has fixed this, at least on my elderly phone that runs whatever the newest version of iOS 16 is.

A few days ago I made a call, set the phone down to do something for a second, didn’t manage to grab it again before the person answered, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the speaker stayed on. I thought it might have been a fluke, but I’ve done it with every call I’ve made since and it’s worked every time.

Thank you, Apple. I appreciate having one less thing driving me slowly round the bend.

Now please, no one tell me that they broke it again in 17. I’ve almost got myself talked into buying a new phone, and hearing that would not help.

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  1. Yes. Thank you for feeling my pain. This drives me absolutely bat shit insane. And then sometimes if you don’t hold the phone exactly so, it likes to flip between speaker and earpiece without warning, and then you’ve got the earpiece up to your ear while it’s blasting in the speaker, it’s just a pain.

    1. Oh god yes!  I hate that too!

      And then there’s that thing where you have it to your ear, you hear a notification go off and then a minute later when your phone locks it activates the speaker right into your brain and the only way to stop it is to hit your home button to unlock the thing again because it’s stuck on speaker no matter what else you try. Often times I find that this is when the randomly flipping back and forth starts.

  2. So the other day I discovered totally by accident that somewhere along the way, Apple fixed this. I called someone, set the phone down for a second to do something while it rang, and was pleasantly surprised to find that when the person answered, it stayed on the speaker. I thought this was a fluke, but I’ve done it with every call I’ve made for the last few days and its worked every time.

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