We’re Old Enough To Vote. Woe

I could hardly believe it when it hit me, but today this place turns 18 years old. Seriously, what the hell? Where did all that time go?

I’ll spare you all the stuff about how much the world has changed since we started. We’ve done that before and I’m sure we’ll do it again. I’ll just let you sit here, much like I am doing now, and marvel at the fact that this place is old enough to vote and even drink in some places. I’ll confess that we’ve been feeding it booze since it was a baby though, which probably explains a lot, actually.

Happy birthday, you weird young…man? Woman? Thing? I don’t know what you are. But you’re a lot of fun and we’ll happily keep you alive as long as you stay that way.

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    1. And if you’re its step mom, would Matt or I be it’s biological one? He registered it on Blogger and posted the first few things, so he has more room to call dibs on whichever one he wants than I do. It’s all so confusing.

        1. The thought that I’m its mom and you’re its stepdad has me wondering something. Has there ever been a couple who both at some point realized that they were trans, swapped genders and stayed together? My gut feeling is yes, but I can’t recall hearing a story like that and I don’t know enough trans folk to make an educated guess.

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