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Last Updated on: 21st February 2022, 03:11 pm

It’s official. The mind beams are alive and well. Once again, Valentine’s Day came rumbling at me at full steam. But on about February 9, I had an inspiration. I had heard about these boxes of chocolates with a Braille legend, so you can tell what chocolates you’re eating. I snuck off to my computer and checked, and they were back in stock! So I bought a box and felt all proud of myself! Steve had mentioned that he had bought me a something and hopefully it would arrive soon. When it did, I thought “Hmmm, that looks a lot like a box of chocolates!” It turns out we each bought each other one of these boxes, but he was more on the ball than me. The funny part is I was the one who told him about them when they were out of stock!

Two Purdy's Braille Chocolates boxes next to each other
To Carin from Steve
To Steve from Carin

They’re pretty cool. On the outside is Braille down the sides that says “Feel the joy.” Har har that’s cute. Then it says “Chocolatier” across the front, below the Purdy’s logo. Then you open it up, and the Braille legend is so cool! You know which way is up because they made sure the legend is facing the same way as the chocolates, so you have to make sure you put it back the right way. It’s really well done. The braille for each chocolate is surrounded by these little lines, so you can tell what goes where. And, on the other side is a QR code you can scan so that you can read all about the chocolates, in detail that they couldn’t hope to put in the braille sheet.

We tried some of the chocolate today, and man is it ever good! That is the first time I have ever been able to reach into a box of chocolates and know what I’m going to get! I don’t know if I would wind up crying like this girl,

but it is pretty darn awesome. I was thinking about every time I’ve eaten a chocolate and spent the first few seconds figuring out what it was. This time, I instantly knew!

So yeah. The beams are alive and well. And we should each get to try all the kinds because we have two boxes! Soooo cool!

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  1. Yeah. The crying is a bit much. But it’s nice to be able to look at the map and choose what I want. Those are some good chocolates.

    As for the beams, we’ve done scarier beamy things, but this one was funny because we don’t generally buy each other Valentine’s Day stuff. The usual tradition is sort through our gift card collection and see where we can go and eat for free. Hopefully that’ll be safe again one day.

  2. I learned something! On the other side of the “chocolate legend” Braille thing is a bit of Braille we missed. “Scan for QR Code and read with screen-reader” Ooo! The cool part about that is you get the full descriptions that they couldn’t hope to fit in the little squares. And they even made it feelable where you should hold your camera! Cooool!

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