I Wonder If I Could Get Away With This

This is a really funny story that had better be true. If I find out that the New York Times got hoaxed back in 1908 it’s totally going to ruin my day.


An absolute legend. 14/10 #weratedogs @ahistoryofdogs

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“Dog a Fake Hero: Pushes Children into the Seine to Rescue Them and Win Beefsteaks.” That might be the greatest article in history. It was featured in the New York Times on February 2, 1908, way back on page 14. That’s a cover story, if you ask me! The dog, who was a Newfoundland, heard a child cry out from the river. He leapt in and pulled them to safety and he was rewarded with a beefsteak. Just two days later another child fell into the same river and was rescued by the same dog. The article states that hardly a day passed by without an unfortunate infant taking an involuntary bath. It began to be suspected that the neighborhood was haunted by a mysterious criminal and a special watch was inaugurated. This is when the truth came out. It was the dog all along. Whenever he saw a child playing at the edge of the stream, he promptly knocked it into the water and then nonetheless promptly jumped into the rescue.

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