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Last Updated on: 17th September 2013, 08:31 pm

Hey kids. Thought I’d check in and post something since Matt seems to be trying to shove all my posts down to the bottom. Actually he’s just had more to say lately I suppose, who really knows for sure.

First things first, a quick update on Matt’s who’s the better writer contest. So far it’s all tied up at 1-1, unless some of you have been bad and haven’t sent the email to both of us. We had a vote from Nick saying that Matt was the better writer, but I’d expect that from somebody like him who’s been kissing Matt’s ass ever since I’ve known the both of them. As for the smart person who voted for me, I did it, so what? So technically Matt’s in the lead for now, but he’s also written more so you’ve kinda got a better idea of what he’s all about. Keep sending in those votes, and remember to send them to both
By the way, thanks to everybody who’s checked the place out so far. Feel free to keep coming back if you enjoy reading this shit. It’ll all get better with time, I promise.

Moving right along, my
fund raising radio specials
appear to be a no go since my voice also seems to be a no go. I’m still trying to find the exact person who is to take blame and feel the wrath of all my fan, but I’m pretty sure it’s somebody at my parent’s house, where I’ve been staying for the last week. They contaminated me and sent me back home, isn’t that special? But on the bright side, I’ve got some extra time now that I could use to post, or watch porn, or maybe do the honourable boy scout thing and help old people half way across the streets of my neighbourhood, only when the don’t walk sign is up of course, I’m all about safety.

Anyway, I think that’s everything. I’ll be back later with something else of an as yet undetermined nature.

Oh wait, in some late breaking news that I just remembered, Matt told me yesterday that his sister thinks my writing is better than his. So unless he’s feeding me a line, I’m winning! Don’t forget to keep sending your votes in to us as well as your feedback on anything. Hell, suggest a topic for one of us to cover, or even write something of your own. You might just find it posted here. Here are the addresses one more time.
and Matt

Thanks for reading and never forget, Bush can’t be trusted.

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