The Holidays Start Today!

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2013, 08:50 am

This morning when I got up and came to check the site, I thought I’d accidentally gone to the wrong place by mistake. Something was horribly wrong I thought to myself as I scanned the page trying to figure out what seemed different. Did somebody get hold of our passwords and put something there? Did the site get redirected somehow? Did I type the wrong address by mistake? Then I realized that it was just Matt posting something and I calmed down, until it hit me again that Matt posted something and I went into shock all over again. Welcome back, buddy!

Just as a small update to yesterday’s shower saga, I managed to shower this morning without incident. Yesterday I actually had a bath, how gay is that? I didn’t do it out of fear, I did it out of pain, and it seemed to help. I’m feeling a lot better today so I guess maybe it’s not quite as fruity as it would be under normal circumstances.

Now on to the real important stuff. Today is my birthday! Only 1 exclamation mark on that, and for a good reason. Any more than that and I might as well just start offering to suck dicks for some extra cash. A guy should only be so excited about his birthday and anything beyond that point should be questioned heavily by all of his friends and family, not to mention gay Seth from down the street who’s always had a thing for him, and may now be able to actually give it to him. Multiple exclamations are fine for the girls, but guys, not so much, at least not for special ocasions like this.

But seriously, I am happy about it being my birthday today. I like my birthday, probably because I’m not feeling old yet. That’s next year when 25 hits. The reason I say that is because of something my Uncle told me years ago when he turned 25. He said “now I’m part of the quarter century club.” That kinda freaked me out when I realized that there were 100 years in a century which meant 4 quarters, and he’d already used up one of them…and most people don’t live to be 100! I guess I should try not to think about getting old, even though putting it out of my head ain’t gonna stop it.

But with the coming of my birthday comes the beginning of Christmas. Because they’re so close together I usually end up having some sort of party on my birthday or traveling home to see my family and spend the holidays with them. So what does this mean for you, our loyal Vomiteers? Well, simply put, it means that I won’t be around much to update the site in the next while. I’ll try to check in now and then when computers and time are both at my disposal at once but I’m not going to promise the world when it comes to content from me in the next week or so. Not sure what Matt’s deal is, but I’m betting it’s going to be similar to mine. Keep checking back with us though, there may just be something for you to enjoy or hate, whatever your preference.

I might be back later to tell you about my birthday, but it all depends on amount of excitement and coherentness levels when the time comes. So if we don’t talk for awhile, have a happy holiday season, no matter what you’re celebrating.

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