Y’all Cut It Out

Last Updated on: 18th September 2013, 11:22 am

Oh, now come on. I guess we all knew this would happen. Idiocy on the comment board already. I guess this is what happens when you trust people to be sane! lol. The boards stay up but please use them like a normal human being. I’m speaking to a few select people here. They are strictly for commenting on what has been posted here, or asking a few questions or chiming in with something you’d like to see posted or you’d like to know. NOT FOR PERSONAL GAIN and… I’m not even sure what to call that last display of ramblings. Rest assured it won’t be tollerated here. It is quite simple to block individual users and its even simpler to pull down the comment board all together.

Have A Lovely Day!
Sincerely, THE POWERS THAT BE!!!

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