Safe! What The Hell Is Safe?

Last Updated on: 29th September 2013, 01:49 pm

The big news in the GTA right now is another child obduction. 9 yr old Cecilia Zhang was taken right out of her room at home sometimbe before 8am Monday morning. Cecilia is 9 years old, of Asian descent, 4 feet 11 inches tall, and weighs 70 pounds. Cecilia speaks English well and has shoulder length strait black hair with blonde highlights. She was last seen at her home in North York around the 404 and Finch area. I’m by no means a news reporter so check out 680 News’s site for the full details by clicking here.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about. This poor young girl was lifted strait from her very own BEDROOM! This entire thing screams Holly Jones all over again except with the Holly Jones case, it was that she had been lifted off the street. Something that people are still sick about, but can at least understand and protect against. How do you protect your kids in their very own bedroom?

What would you like to do, seel their windows, now? Well that’s great for keeping people out, it’s also great for keeping them in when their door is blocked by a house fire.

I’m not sure how long they’ve been out but they’re becoming more and more common lately. They’re tags that you can put on the window of your childs bedroom to tell firemen and rescue workers where young children are when they show up to the house so they can be helped first. Guess what else it does? “Hey Mr Perverse Child Obductor… this is where my kids are. Come on in!”

I won’t criticize any parent for having something like this in place as its their heart is truly in the right place. We shouldn’t have to worry about something like this helping a sex-offender, but we do.

Reports say that the Zhang family had these in place and it very well could have contributed to what has happened.

Do I have answer? No. I don’t have an answer for society’s biggest problem, the perverse sons of bitchs with child interest.

I just thought it was a sad, statement on the world we live in where something designed to do so much good has potential to do so much evil.

Take Care Of Yourselves, And Each Other.

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