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Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:39 am

Hello, Vomiteers!
Boy. it’s been a few days so I figured I’d throw some shit up on here for you. Steve’s been doing the bulk of the writing over the last week or so, so much love to him for that. My weekends are generally not real inspiring but I’ll take a stab at getting some more stuff up over the next few days.

Well. today is a rainy bitch of a day. The place I work is a construction company. When you put these two together you get some unpleasantness. Most jobs are shut down for the day and for some reason most of the less intellectual members of the crews decide that they should convulge like buzzards on this nice little office/shop facility. Now. This is not to say that everyone on the crews is completely retarded. Quite the opposite. The ones with half a brain realize it’s a day off and go home and back to bed, or to do something fun. The lesser-lights show up here and BOTHER EVERYONE!!!

We are in an office. The rain does not stop our work. DON’T COME HERE AND TALK TO ME! DON’T COME HERE AND TALK LOUDLY BEHIND ME!! and most importantly… DON’T SIT IN MY CHAIR AND MAKE PERSONAL PHONE CALLS WHEN I GET UP TO DELIVER AN INVOICE!!! Seriously. Some dumb fuck sat down in my chair, in front of my computer and called his wife to tell her all about how he had the day off. GO HOME AND TELL HER ASSHOLE!

I was not shy about letting him see my displeasure as this insanity had already been going on for about an hour in the office. Upon my return, this idiot could see me, here me setting things down on my desk and most certaily read the enraged look in my eye and DIDN’T MOVE!!! There was a fucking empty chair right beside my desk. No no. Couldn’t move over there and continue talking which would have, while still being annoying, at least allowed me to continue working. No. He sat there like a fucking prick for another 15 minutes before standing up and walking by me without so much as a “sorry ’bout that,pal.” Some people’s fucking children.

So that pretty much sums up how my day has gone… and to an extent my week. I’ve been off and on sick all week and it’s got me pissed off. I’m feeling a bit better today and I’m sure with the ammount of sleep I generally get on a weekend, I’ll be good as new by Monday.

Ah, yes. The continued pounding has started up again improving my day tremendously and doing wonders for my headache. Right above where I work they are installing now heaters. Now I’m not sure how much pounding and cutting and just general noise it takes to do this job… but I KNOW it doesn’t take 9 hours. Yet, that’s how long they’ve been doing this right above my head. Even if the job itself takes that long, I hardly think that ONE heater above my head should take that long. I’ve been up there, I’ve seen what they’re doing… it’s pretty clear that they just suck at it and I’m not in the mood to shrug it off as a “well, it had to be done.”

Wow, this has been nothing but a big bitchy rant. I feel like such a chick. this is great! Anywho. That will probably be enough for now. Maybe I’ll pop back a little later with something significant to say… or at least something a littleSTOPFUCKINGHAMMERINGDICKHEAD!more pleasant to say. No promises though.

Try and Have a good day, at least a better one than me. Except for Steve who should have a terrible day. I know none of you like him, but try to be nice. He’s one of those special kids.

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