Don’t Feel Rejected You Reject

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 03:44 pm

Well, right now I’m in the middle of work, a column due today for Salty Ham Sports and the first chapter of a story that I’ve decided to write so you loyal visitors have been rejected today. Well. I’ll put an end to that. And it’s not like there’s been any shortage of stuff to read here anyway as our good friend, Steve has done a couple of solid posts. Let’s all bow down to him.

I will get to the comments. I promise. I’m just a bit busy these days and when I get home from work (when I should be doing this stuff) I don’t really feel like jumping back on the computer right away and before I know it, the night is over. But I’ll get to it. Be patient, kiddies.

So last night the Leafs ran their winning streak to 6 games thanks in large part to the continued improved of Owen Nolan. The guy’s a beast and he hasn’t really looked like himself since he got to Toronto but he’s turned it on lately. His goal last night was typical Owen Nolan hockey where he used his skill to make a couple of New York defensemen look like school children and then his size to crash the net. It’s good to see him back on his game with Roberts and Mogilny out.

So it’s only 22 days until the big fat man makes his trip around the world. No, not Steve. Our good friend Santa and I couldn’t be happier. I love this time of year but I have a certain schedule that I keep where by Xmas Eve I’m usually just about sick of it and won’t no more to do with it. I just get that feeling though that I’m ahead of schedule this year. I started with my own Xmas stuff a little earlier than normal so I fear my tollerance for it may also run out a bit earlier than usual. May be a good idea to stay away from me in between Dec. 18 and 24. I know Xmas is the 25th but no matter how sick of it you are, you can’t be grumpy on Xmas day.

This also means that I’m only 28 days away from New Years Even which I am eagerly anticipating this year more than most as I have been promised by Steve a great time which better be the case. The last few New Years haven’t been overly spectacular and I’m looking for something big this year. Don’t let me down you water retaining sea cow.

Lastly, for now, I’d like to send a shout out to the coolest Lil Punk I know. Happy b-day, girly. Sorry I couldn’t be there but I’m sure you’ll have a blast anyway.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll try and get back later with something else… maybe something a bit more interesting and try to throw out today’s Rejected Christmas Carol of the day.

So until then, this is your Lord and Master, Matt saying…. I really don’t like Steve much

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