To Hell With Canadian Tire

Last Updated on: 19th November 2013, 03:53 pm

So the other day I’m at Canadian Tire. For our not-so-Canadian friends its basically a hardware/sporting goods/home supplies combination store that you can usually find what you’re looking for in. On this particular day, it is absolutely packed. There are about 7 counters, only 2 of which are opened and no less than 35 people lined up at each one. So, I get talked to the guy ahead of me and he’s just as frustrated as I am. He is purchasing a $1.99 set of picture frame clips to hold them to the wall. I am buying a $3.99 set of specialty batteries and we will both wait at least 20 minutes for these small, yet important purchases.

At that moment, another counter opens and there is a mass stampede towards it. I end up third in line, the guy I was talking to me is second and there is one woman ahead of him, obviously first and we’re in much higher spirits as we’re going to get out in a decent time. This woman is purchasing a $269.00 ceiling fan. And she’s doing it with…. Canadian Tire Money…. NNNOOOO!!!!

Again, for our non-Canadian friends. This is basically a coupon system specific to the Canadian Tire stores. Problem is, the donominations are 5 cents, 10 cents and 25 cents. Basically, you can’t have a $50 bill in Canadian Tire money. They’re small coupons. Back to the story.

This means that this woman is going to count out $269.00 in Canadian Tire money. Needless to say that there is a sizeable grown from the crowd behind her which, of course, she does not acknowledge. She whips out this encyclopedia of Canadian Tire money and begins counting outloud as she lays it down on the counter.

Had this been a good day for me, the woman behind the counter would have allowed a few of us with the under $5.00 items to pass through as she counted… or at the very least been counting along with the woman. But no, not on this day. On this day she allows the woman to count out over $250.00 in 10 cent donominations and THEN picks up the pile and counts it herself to make sure that it is correct. The guy ahead of me and I begin to wonder how badly we need to hang pictures and power unimportant objects… or if the Canadian Tire corperation would really miss our combined 7 dollars after the parade of coupons they were getting back.

We did eventually get through the line. Ironically,the 35 people ahead of us in the other line left well before we ever did. What a royal piss-off.


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