We’ve Voted In Our First Municipal Election Since Moving Here

Last Updated on: 19th October 2014, 09:01 pm

Well, Steve and I set off yesterday to vote in the municipal election, and I’d say this one was one of the easiest experiences yet.

We decided to go to City Hall, mostly because I pretty much knew where that was. A couple of questions to people randomly standing around, and in we went. We got taken back to the room where voting was going on, and that was pretty easy too. And bonus of bonuses, the people running the polling station knew what those accessible machines were. In even better news, the lady who helped us said several people had used them already! Yea!

I have to say it seemed like there was a pretty steady stream of people coming in to vote, which is a nice change from the usual scene of sadness and loneliness that has been polling stations in the past. I also saw not a single soul get mad that the ballot scanner let them know if things were marked correctly,like happened in Guelph.

The weirdest thing that happened to us was somehow the machine got convinced Steve wanted his instructions in French, and could not be convinced otherwise until we started over. But after that, all was good.

Man, I’m not used to having so many things to vote for. The most confusing part of this whole thing was figuring out how many schoolboard trustees you were supposed to vote for. You can vote for up to 4, I know this now, but man, getting that information was next to impossible! My question is why?

So, now we’ve done our thing, we just wait to see how it all shakes out. Thanks to everyone for being so nice.

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