Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 10:01 am

This is just a quick note to sort of explain the lack of updates lately. It pretty much boils down to this. Matt and I are both busy people. I can’t really speak for him but I know that he’s got a lot going on right now.

But I can speak for me so I can say for sure that right now I’ve got a lot going on. I’ve been pretty busy lately with things and now I’ve got some pretty big personal problems to deal with so updates might be few and far between around here for the next while. And no, personal problems isn’t a code phrase for I’m in rehab, rehab is for quitters. I’ve just got a lot to deal with right now is the thing. I’ll post things up here when I can, whenever the mood strikes but don’t be surprised if it’s days between posts for the next while.

In the meantime feel free to rip the ever loving hell out of each other on the comment boards or just use them to talk to each other and maybe even get along. Just remember that we’re not going away, it’s just that this site is a hobby and sometimes it has to take a back seat to real life, as much as that sucks sometimes.

So until we talk again I’ll leave you with this.

Q. How do you turn a lawn mower into a snowblower?
A. Give the bitch a shovel.

That’s me, doing my part to promote equality.

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