A Question For You All

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2013, 03:19 pm

I asked this on the comment boards but just in case some of you miss it but still have an opinion I’ll ask it here too.

After I posted that bit about Nick and Gee yesterday myself and 2 or 3 other people were lucky enough to have land in our inboxes what I consider to be one of the most incoherent and stupidity-laced bits of babbling idiocy that I’ve ever had the good fortune to read. Luckily, being the forward thinking individual that I am, I saved a copy of it for possible future use.

Now my question is, should I bother posting it? Like I said on the board, part of me wants to post it so that you all can laugh at the absolute retardedness of this whole situation but part of me doesn’t want to give the party involved any more attention than he’s already gotten. So what do you all think? If you’ll do me proud and roast the guy over an open flame I’ll be more than happy to allow that but if you all think this has gone on long enough I’ll let it drop and that message will never see the light of day, at least not on my site. But having said that, if you vote for me to post it but more people vote to have me not share it publicly, I’m still more than happy to provide a copy to any interested party who might ask for it either by email, MSN or comment board. My email address is all over this site and there’s a comment link right at the end of this post. Sorry, if you don’t already know my MSN info, you aren’t getting it unless you’re one of those people who I’ve talked to but just haven’t ever done the MSN thing with. If that’s the case then just shoot me an email and ask for it, that’s no problem.

Ok Vomiteers, the choice is yours!

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