Reverse Advertising

Last Updated on: 12th November 2020, 11:25 pm

Hee hee hee. Why do I find it amusing that one of our google ads frames is full of greyhound ads right now? Ha ha ha ad targeting! This time, you failed! You failed as much as poor greyhound, who unknowingly created a disastrous ad campaign that had to be pulled after last week’s events. The reason? It said“there’s a reason you’ve never heard of bus rage.” Well maybe we still haven’t, since what this guy did was more like bus insanity. Nevertheless, all those ads have to go. But unlike Greyhound, the ad-targeting system doesn’t have a human-level brain. That’s why it tries to advertise that you can find cheap deals on viruses by going to eBay. And, unlike Greyhound, the ad-targeting bots can’t stop themselves. At any rate, both scenarios are kind of amusing to the evil part of me.

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