Brock Lesnar Quits?!?

Last Updated on: 8th November 2013, 03:15 pm

I gotta start by saying that I’m shocked with Steve and I running this thing how little wrestling talk there’s been. I could be wrong but this might be the first post ever on here devoted to wrestling only. If not, then its the first in a very long time.

It’s all over the ‘net right now that after the SmackDown! tapings on Tuesday night Lesnar stood up in front of all the talent and announced that WrestleMania’s match against Bill Goldberg would be his last before he leaves the company to try his luck in the NFL.

What the hell? I know he’s been frustrated with the WWE travel schedule and he wanted to keep the title for his match with Goldberg to keep him higher on the card and thus ensure a higher pay-off but I didn’t think it had gotten this bad.

It’s also been said that he’s become very unpopular backstage after buying his own plane for travel and he’s let his frustration with dropping the belt be very well known. Also he’s in line for a program with the Undertaker after WM where ‘Taker will most likely go over and he’s being tired of being made to look bad by the aging Undertaker. This would be his third program with ‘Taker in the last two years and though he gets put over, he always is made to look like a fool first.

There’s gotta be a lot of guys in that locker room real pissed right now. Management poured all kinds of time and money in to making him look like their top star and putting the future of the company on his shoulders. Guys like Rock and Angle that put him over clean to make him look like a star are now realizing that they did it for no reason. Countless mid-card guys that have been squashed by Lesnar repeatedly are now feeling the same way.

Times are tough but it sure doesn’t show much character on Lesnar’s part to bail because things aren’t going his way.

What about WM? Both guys are leaving now. It seemed pretty cut and dried that Lesnar would go over to make him look strong and to take Goldberg out of the WWE but now what? Why put either guy over if they’re both bailing on your company? I wonder if now WWE is a bit more anxious to give Goldy the money he wants to stick around as they will be losing some star power with Lesnar going. Certainly leaves things as a mess and it probably tells us that Edge will go to SmackDown on his return rather than RAW as was planned to try and fill the lack of star power left by Lesnar’s departure.

What a mess.

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