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I haven’t been around much lately and I’m sure you’re all wondering just where I’ve been. What’s that? You aren’t? Well too bad, I’m telling you anyway.

I’ve mostly been spending my time slowly but surely taking over
Salty Ham.
You can find something I’ve done there pretty much every day, even if you don’t know it’s me. I’m in Sports, Wrestling and Music now and I’m sure that in time that whole place will be all mine. Watch out Roland, I’m out to take your thankless non-paying job away from you, this is war!

Seriously though, Salty Ham is a great site, there’s something for everyone there, go check it out, but not before you read what’s here.

I’ve also been spending some time being insulted by losers who phone me at the radio station to try to get attention. The latest developments on that front are that my show sucks, I’m a fucking hack, and my buddy’s a dork. Film at 11.

And then there was yesterday, a day of extreme highs and lows. On the high end, I attended the Cheap Trick/Aerosmith concert last night. On the down side, the concert took place in Hamilton, which has to be one of the smelliest cities I’ve ever had the misfortune of passing through. Honestly, that town fucking stinks, there’s no nice way to say it.

It’s not as bad once you’re off the main highway on your way in, but it’s still bad. It sort of smells like burning rubber and hot metal all the time, and when it crosses with the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken, it becomes something that I wouldn’t wish on even my fiercest of enemies.

And don’t get me started on the chicken smell either. At times I was wondering if somebody pinched a loaf in a bucket of KFC and just left it to sit in the street, it’s really that bad there.

If anybody from Hamilton is reading this, please tell me how you can live in that town. I guess after awhile you’d probably get used to it, but why would you want to? I mean come on, Toronto smells nicer than your town and when you’re not as polluted as Toronto, you need to take a good long look at yourself and maybe consider some sort of clean air initiative.

Wait, there is one city that smells worse than yours, Buffalo New York, Hamilton is untouched, unspoiled and pristine to breathe by comparison to that fucking dump.

So now that I’ve pissed a bunch of you off by wounding your hometown pride, let’s talk Aerosmith.

They put on an absolutely amazing show and as much as it pains me to say this, my favourite concert ever isn’t a tie between Big Sugar and Hootie And The Blowfish anymore, Aerosmith just blew me away. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a band that had so much energy before and they seemed genuinely happy to be there playing for us. Add to that that they’re an amazing live band and you’ve got yourself a 5 star concert. There were some songs that I would have liked to hear them do instead of some of what they did but you’ll get that with any show you go to so I won’t spend any time harping on that. Besides, when a band can get you to enjoy songs that you really don’t like, they’re doing something right.

Cheap Trick on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment. Strike 1 against them was that they seemed to be having some sort of sound problems that they didn’t get straightened out until about the last 4 or 5 songs of their set, which thankfully were some of their best stuff both of the night and in general so it wasn’t all bad.

Strike 2 was that they just didn’t have any spark and it seemed to me like they were just kind of going through the motions like it was another day at the office. That doesn’t work for any band, but when you’re Cheap Trick and Aerosmith offers to let you open for them, you’d better damn well play like you still have some sort of a career left to build on. They didn’t and while I won’t come right out and say that they sucked, I’ll say that I expected more out of their show than what it ended up delivering.

Over all though it was a great night of entertainment and well worth the money, other than the $9.50 they were charging for beer, but what are ya gonna do? And we ended up getting 3 for $14.75 because somebody messed up a calculation so again, I won’t bitch too much.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now. I’ll be back with something later, and I promise it won’t be almost a week before it happens this time.

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