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Last Updated on: 21st October 2013, 09:32 am

If you haven’t already seen it, scroll down the page a couple of posts and read the post called Consider Yourself Warned so you’ll know what this is all about.

Somebody calling him or herself Mmm Mmm Good, This is downrigh, [which is one of the strangest names I’ve ever heard,] submitted this one. It’s pretty bad even though I’ve heard it before so it didn’t get me as much as it should have.

And remember, I’m not correcting anybody’s spelling for them, this is posted as is.

A new guy at work ask some of his co-workers if there is anything to do around this town. So the go workers take him to the local bar. after an hour of drinking, this girl walks into the bar. the new guy sees her and askes the co-workers who she is. The co-workers say thats Sandpaper Sally. and you do not want to mess with that. The new guy asks why and one of the co-workers says. well everytime u fuck her, it feels like sandpaper.

The new guy doesn’t believe them so he goes over to Sally and starts buying her drinks.

Later that night they are back at her place and they start going at it. after a few seconds the new guys is like “wow this really does feel like sandpaper” Sally says “oh im sorry ill be right back.”

After being in the bathroom for a couple minutes. shes comes back out and they start going at it again. its feeling great. The new guy asks, “This feels great, did u use some motion lotion?”.

Sally says “No, i just picked the scabbs and let the puss run out.

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