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Last Updated on: 24th June 2013, 04:00 pm

I was just reading a story about how the Recording Industry Association Of America has filed suits against another 400 and some odd people for copyright infringement. By now most of you should probably know how I feel about those so I’m not going to get into that. But one thing that struck me funny was the rationale behind who the RIAA have chosen to sue in this new round of legal action.

Here’s a quote from the story I read.

“the organization highlighted its litigation against university students, this time at 14 separate schools. Record labels have been particularly concerned about high levels of music trading on campuses, where students often have access to fast Internet connections and little money for music purchases.”

So what’s so wrong with that? Well, let’s look at what that all means.

The RIAA are worried about college and university students who don’t have lots of money at their disposal downloading music and not buying it on CD’s or through places like iTunes, so in their infinite wisdom they respond in the most logical way possible, by suing them…for thousands of dollars per infringement. I guess that makes sense if you’re the most retarded retard to ever be retarded in the entire recorded history of retardedness. Come on, if the reason that students aren’t buying music is because they simply don’t have the cash for it, then how do you figure they’re going to pay the settlement, or hadn’t you thought ahead that far? Some days I honestly think that the RIAA should hire me to head up a common sense department because they obviously can’t be bothered to have any of their own.

But I suppose that if there’s anything positive we can take from this story it’s that we can all thank our lucky stars that the people plotting out the RIAA’s legal strategy are doing that rather than teaching math to our kids.

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