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Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:21 am

This is just a quick note to let you all know that we’ve updated the links section over on the right. We’ve added some new things and fixed some others so that they actually point to where they’re supposed to. Give it a look and give those sites a click. Some of them are our friends, some of them are people we’ve traded links with, and some of them are just places that we like to go and waste time while we’re busy neglecting this place.

If you’ve got a site of your own and you’re interested in trading links with us, feel free to email me at and let me know about it. I’d have made that into a link but for some reason the publishing system keeps breaking my html tags.

We’re not overly strict about who we share links with so unless your site is full of child porn or pictures of Randy Orton’s penis the odds are pretty good that we’ll be happy to link back.

Also, if you happen to have linked to us but we don’t know about it and haven’t linked back, email me with the address of your site and once I see that you’ve linked to us, we’ll more than likely be happy to set up a swap, because every once in awhile we can be cool like that.

I’ll more than likely be back later with something, now that I seem to have most of my posting issues corrected.

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