It Sucks, But It’s Here

Last Updated on: 7th November 2013, 08:55 am

The newest edition of Sunday Night Fever has been posted over at Salty Ham and you can read it by going here.
It’s a quick one but I explain why there so I’m not doing it again here. Go read it if you really want to know.

By the way, Blog Spot can blow me. Ever since they changed their site layout, I can’t write html without it mangling it just because it feels like it. Seriously, I write perfect code and then when I publish it, the system takes it upon itself to plant errors in it that I know I didn’t make. But here’s the thing, it only does that with links, like email addresses or the link that I just gave you for the recap. It does however force me to manually write out all of my paragraph breaks and I have no idea why. So until I figure that out, it’s raw links for you all.

And before I go I’d just like to say fuck Blog Spot and everything they stand for. That is all.

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