I Guess I Won’t Be Having Any Fucking Kids

Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 09:46 am

New research by Russian scientists has found that people who swear should probably consider stopping or risk facing problems down the road.

Gennady Cheurin, who lead the team of scientists that conducted the study at the Yekaterinburg Centre for Ecological Safety and Survival says that when men and women swear, it effects who they are as a gender. More specifically, it causes women to slowly become more masculine, growing more hair and developing more muscles as time passes while men risk suffering sexual disfunction. Make that immediate sexual disfunction, since the word “slow” isn’t used to describe what happens to us.

If you’re freaking the hell out right now and want to learn more about what could be in your future,
just click on this goddamn link for all of the details.

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