Cereal Killer

Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 12:44 pm

No, I’m not an idiot. I really do mean that cereal. Let me explain. I saw something on the bus that just scared me. It shook me to the core and made me question once again the safety of riding those huge machines with people packed in them like sardines and no seatbelts. I was riding happily along on a relatively empty bus. It came time to switch buses, and there was some delay between when we pulled in and when I would change buses, so I started talking to the driver. As she talked, I heard, crunch. Apparently so did she, and it was as startling to her as me. When she looked down to investigate, she exclaimed, “The last driver of this bus had a bowl of Cherios! There are cherios on the floor under the driver’s seat!”

First, I tried to envision how one, either passenger or driver could manage to eat *anything* while riding the bus. Those things don’t have the world’s greatest suspension systems, and the drivers love the brakes. I’d imagine the only end result of eating on the bus would be decorating your clothes with your meal.

Then I tried to imagine how a driver of the bus would manage to eat. I didn’t ask whether there was milk on these cherios. If there was, yuck what a mess. Anyway, she said that you would in fact need two hands on the wheel, like I thought. So if the guy was driving technically properly, this guy would have to be bent over the cherios eating them like some kind of animal. But then he wouldn’t be watching where he was going.

Then I was very thankful that I wasn’t either walking on the street or riding the bus driven by our cherio fan. It seems like a deadly combination. Please bus driver dudes, eat your cherios at home!

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