It’s Kyle. What’s that?

Last Updated on: 16th September 2013, 12:24 pm

I don’t think this strange name quite compares with people named little penis, oral sex, shit, or other Romanian varieties, but I saw someone who I believe has been cursed for life.
I got an email. IT said:

“Kyle will be handling donations. Please email her at…”

I did a double take. Kyle? Her? Perhaps someone was having a brain berp. But funny she didn’t apologize. So today, I meet this infamous Kyle. And it is a she! Who in their right mind would pop out a baby girl and go “Aww how cute. I think I’ll name her Kyle!” If she had a twin sister, would they name her Bob? Or maybe if she had a brother, he would be named Lynn. People who’ve read this blog a long time will understand that one. But honestly. I can understand Kyly, Kyla, and all that, but Kyle? That is a boy’s name! I swear in 50 years we’ll all have gender neutral names and we’ll always have to say Dear Sir/Madam if we have to write anyone we don’t know.

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