Let’s All Hope for My Neighbour!

Last Updated on: 27th June 2018, 03:42 pm

Well, today I found out that what I was afraid of was happening. A long time ago, I heard that my neighbour had cancer, but that he had fought it off before, it had come back, and he was sure he would fight it again. It seemed that he was doing it. Then the doctors put him on a clinical trial of a drug. I started to notice that he was going through longer and longer times where he just didn’t seem as well. Today I asked him how things were going. He says the cancer is spreading, and the clinical trial isn’t working. Let’s all hope that when they start him back on the other stuff, that he’ll get better! It’s really freaky to watch someone who was so full of life still trying to do everything, but he just doesn’t have the same strength. If he talks too long, he just has to stop because it’s so painful. It kills me to watch such a good person going down hill and being helpless to do anything to stop it. So let’s all hope he gets better!

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