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Last Updated on: 24th November 2013, 02:40 pm

My favourite one man band,
Brad Sucks,
recently launched yet another website.

The site, called
Sellout Central,
features downloadable mp3’s of hard to find independent songs by bands that are virtually unknown.

All of the songs are picked by Brad himself, and each new posted instalment will feature 5 or so tunes that he finds himself digging at any given time. You can download each track separately or you can get the whole shebang as a podcast if you’re into that sort of thing.

I just finished checking out the first selections a few minutes ago and there’s some neat stuff up there. The cool thing about it is that no song sounds like any of the other ones, so you’ll be exposed to 5 completely different sounds over the span of just as many songs.

The best of the bunch in my opinion is a rocky sounding tune called “Drunk Again” by Adrian Mander. The guy can’t really sing or anything, but since when was that a staple of a good song? He sounds like he’s having a good time performing it though and to me that counts for something. In spots his voice sounds a little bit like Mr. Garrison from South Park, but maybe that’s just me, who knows?

So go and enjoy the music, and I’ll be back sometime later with something else.

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