And the Survey Says…

Last Updated on: 4th March 2014, 10:37 am

I happened to have the space channel on for a while, and I noticed a disturbing trend. I saw comercials in the same order. One for new skin bandages, one for Compound W, and one for sleep medications. Also in heavier concentrations than I’ve ever seen before were commercials for fast food, skittles, and computers. I was actually shocked to see a normal commercial for, oh, say, makeup or bank stuff. I got to thinking. There must be a reason for this format. It must have been researched and found out that those things are what are selling. Then a vision began to form in my head. This must be the classic space channel viewer. Warts on their feet, cuts on their hands, perhaps from repairing computers, with a bag of Wendy’s on one side and a bag of skittles on the other, unable to sleep. Could it really be the fate of all who watch the space channel? Should I run screaming from it right now? I should run…to the get some… it’s too late! I’ve become one of them!

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