Strange Things People Say.

Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 03:27 pm

Now that Babs isn’t with me, I get all kinds of strange comments. They always start out normal. “What happened to your dog?” I explain it to them, and then all the weirdness begins. One favourite is, “So, are you able to get around now?” Well, how did I get around for 20 odd years before the dog? Honestly, I’ve only had the dog for 6 or so weeks, and she made a huge change, but I can manage with the cane again.

Then there’s always, “So are they going to give her to someone else?” If she’s too sick to work for me, she can’t work for anyone.

Then, when I say that she’ll likely be retiring, everybody wants to take her home. That one just cracks me up, because as if I would just hand her off to a random stranger even if I had the choice.

And here’s the best one. “If that were me, I’d be so sad.” And what makes you think I’m not? Just because I’m not walking around bawling my eyes out doesn’t mean I don’t miss her. Maybe I’m just weird, but that statement almost makes me feel guilty for not being outwardly sad, as if I’m not feeling enough, as if I’ve forgotten her. Believe me, I haven’t.

And this is just a few days after losing her. I can hardly wait for the questions when I get my new dog.

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