Last Updated on: 20th February 2014, 08:18 am

This is a direct quote from a news item in an email I got from
Rolling Stone.
Does it sound as strange/stupid to anybody else as it does to me?

“SUGE KNIGHT pled no contest to driving without insurance and making an illegal U turn in San Bernardino County, last February. The Death Row Records labelhead was fined $691 for the incident that saw him in jail for a week when the police found marijuana in his vehicle. The drug charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.”

I’m either reading this wrong or there’s some information missing from the story, but I’m having trouble getting my head around the idea that they found drugs in the dude’s car but then dropped the charges because of insufficient evidence. Was the search not legal, are we dealing with the world’s worst police force, or is it a case of somebody at Rolling Stone not checking their work before they sent the thing out? Somebody help.

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