Money for Nothing

Last Updated on: 31st October 2013, 10:55 am

Some people have a lot of balls. I was messing around and found someone’s personal webpage. You know the ones. “Hello. I’m Skippy. Here is a picture of me. I just figured out that a monkey could pretty much put up a webpage now, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Read all about me here. Here’s a list of my favourite sites to visit, here are the URLs belonging to my fellow monkeys, and here are a zillion ways to contact me.” You know the type. Hey I have no problem with that kind of site, I used to have one of my own. Sadly it has gone the way of the dinosaur, but it was fun while it lasted.

Here’s where my friend skippy the monkey has enormous balls. On his site, he actually pleads for donations so that his project can continue. Ok, what part of this project is costing him money? He wrote a few lines of code, maybe he’s paying for monthly hosting and a domain name that probably only asks for a fee once a year. Second, who in hell is going to donate to something like this? The way I see it, you have to *produce* something to earn people’s desire to donate, and even when your product is damn good, it’s next to impossible to squeeze hard-earned cash out of people. If he was running a radio show out of it, or putting up files that, when people downloaded them, sent his internet usage through the roof, it would be totally reasonable to ask for donations. Or, if he was providing a service through it, that would be another reason to ask for money. But for this, excuse me while I pick myself off the floor after recovering from the convulsive fit of laughter I experienced.

It would be another thing if he threw up a few ads and said click on them if you want. But he’s actually asking people to pay him out of *their* own pockets so his *personal* little wimp site can stay alive. Once you’ve browsed the whole thing through, really there’s no need to go back. He hasn’t changed the damn thing in years, so I guess he’s not getting too many cheques.

I just see that, and one word springs out at me. Actually three words do. Greed and laziness. I guess it explains how the spammers can trick so many people into falling for their scams. Here’s a word of advice for Skippy the monkey and all like him. It’s not that easy to get money. Try working for it and it might come in a little faster.

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