Torie’s Gettin’ Her Guide Dog!

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 12:23 pm

This is just a little post to wish Torie well on her quest to get a guide dog.

Have you ever wondered what the process is like to get a guide dog in the UK, specifically Ireland? There are definitely some differences. For example, you already know what dog you’re matched with before you go, and you know its name! There’s no dog day, no waiting in anticipation. And, you stay in a hotel. Very very funky! I’m not sure if that’s just a thing with that specific school, or if they’re all like that. I’m sure I’ll learn more differences in the next couple of weeks, because she plans to blog about her training experience.

Anyway, no matter how it’s done, getting a guide dog is pretty incredible. Good luck to you, Torie. I’ll for sure be rootin’ for you and reading about the whole experience with interest. I’m sure training with Ushi, your guide dog to be, will be good craic! Apparently, “craic” is Irish slang for really good or something. I learned that last week when I couldn’t contain myself and asked her what the heck craic was after she used it a few times in a post. Anyway, Tory, have a good time, and good luck. Tomorrow, a new chapter of your life begins.

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