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Last Updated on: 24th November 2013, 02:38 pm

Hey Kids,
So I’m back. I missed the ol’ VC. blah blah.

On Sunday night I went and checked out a concert for a band I’ve been listening to a lot lately. They’re awesome. They’re called Social Code. I know most people know their hit “Beautiful” and it’s a great tune. But not even close to their best.

It’s awesome cuz they’re still small so it’s a small club setting concert which is how I dig it. Underground music rocks. And this was quite literlaly under ground. It was held in the basement of another building in Oshawa.

Outstanding punk show. The openers all kind of sucked but it was worth the show. It was an all ages show so there were a lot of teeny boppers around that were pretty irritating but there were some pretty hardcore punks in Oshawa that I didn’t know about. (of course I use that term as an endeering one as opposed to how most people use it).

They’re a good little Canadian band out of Edmonton. So they’re struggling to get fans. they opened the show with Whisper To A Scream. If you don’t have it, Get it! They played most of the album and a few new songs which rocked pretty hard. They closed with Beautiful of course and said it was to thank their fans and told everyone to turn to the person beside them and hug them as a thank you from Social Code. I hugged my friend Ashley which was comical since she’s a country fan who hadn’t heard them until the day before – but hey. she showed up and supported them and actually enjoyed it and downloaded some songs when she got home and that’s what it’s all about for a band that size. Awareness. all and all a great high energy show. They’re passing through Guelph and a few other cities coming up on this Canadian tour. Get out and check them out.

If you wanna get a taste of what they are. A few songs I’d reccomend are Beautiful. Cats and Dogs, Miss You, He Said She Said, and Birds fly. Hell, all of it’s good but those are a good start.


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