Mmmmm, Sandalburger

During this festive time of year, you may find yourself partaking in a few shots or frosty mugs of what is commonly known as Christmas cheer. And while your friendly neighbourhood blog writin’ guys here at Vomit Comet World HQ certainly encourage such behaviour, we also recognize the importance of knowing one’s limit. And since sometimes that can be difficult, we offer you the following helpful tip: If your evening has progressed (if you want to call it that) to the point where you’re caught having truck sex in a Waffle House parking lot and when the nice officer asks you to get dressed you try to put a cheeseburger on your foot because you think it’s your shoe, you’ve overshot your target.

This message has been brought to you by Rachel Gossett and Frank Lucas of Loganville, Georgia, and your friends at Vomit Comet. Have a safe and happy holiday, one and all!

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