Somebody Please Tell Me! Part II

Last Updated on: 25th February 2014, 06:36 pm

Maybe I’m just bitchy today, but I saw something in my email that made me think about something else that bugs me to no end. I received an email message that said it was from Ron or Susan. Ron or Susan? So not only do I not know who’s sending email, neither do they! And when I write back, either Ron or Susan might reply. This might be fine if they were exact clones of each other, but they’re not! Maybe I like Susan but hate Ron. Or vice versa. What if I want to tell Susan how much I hate Ron. Do I want Ron seeing that? I don’t think so. What if Susan is shitty at telling Ron that Ron’s sick mom emailed to say get to my bedside now? Ron might never know that mommy croaked because Susan could see and delete his email before Ron had a chance to so much as read the subject line. Do you see my point?

My parents do this. they have one email account between them, and refuse to get separate ones because dad is afraid that we *might* not email him anymore if he had his own acount. So if I want to email dad and ask what mom wants for Christmas, I can’t, because mom might read the email. And I can’t ask him on the phone because they’re both on the phone too. Can’t people realize that they need a shred of privacy, even if what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours?

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