How To Spot A Baby Conservative

Last Updated on: 18th October 2013, 06:03 pm

All you have to do is look for the whiny ones,
at least according to a new study done by people who don’t seem to mind pissing off religious gun nuts.

Personally I’m not sure how seriously I should be taking this whole thing, but I have to admit, it’s an interesting theory. If nothing else it’s got me racking my brain trying to think of people I grew up with who can help to either prove or disprove it.

But when I think about my own life and where I should have fallen, it kind of calls the whole idea into question because there’s no one good answer.

I think I was somewhat of a whiny kid, but as weird as it might sound, I was a whiny kid with confidence. I would whine sometimes when I didn’t get my own way or when I didn’t like something, but show me a kid that doesn’t and I’ll show you something that would generally fit at the end of a statement like this one but that for some reason I can’t come up with right now.

But while I did my share of bitching and complaining, it also wasn’t unusual for me to be the funniest person in a room, even when I was really young. that’s not just me and my ego talking either, people have honestly said that to me. I was also the type that didn’t get all that nervous about public speaking or singing or anything that involved opening myself up to public scrutiny. and growing up as a blind person, you have to have some confidence and faith in yourself to start with, so I had that going for me too. If you don’t have that, you’re pretty much fucked, that is to say doomed to a life full of never being taken seriously by anyone and not much else.

And the more I sit here thinking about terms like liberal and conservative and right wing and left wing, the more I realize that I’ve never been able to put myself on one side or the other. Each side has it’s share of crazies and wackjobs and to be honest, labeling yourself that way is just stupid, because it’s a surefire way to get lumped in with the parts of each that you can’t stand. I guess what I’m trying to say is forget what I said a minute ago about calling the whole idea into question. there has to be something to it if I’m a whining confident person who considers himself somewhere in the middle, not completely discounting either side. I can’t believe I wrote all of this for nothing. Oh well. At least it gave you something to read and me something to do for a few minutes, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time after all.

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