Carin and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Afternoon.

Last Updated on: 19th November 2020, 11:07 am

I hate afternoons like the one I had yesterday, the ones where all kinds of annoying little things happen that, on their own are pretty minor. But when you add them together and put a real doozer on the top, the masterpiece is not pleasant.

I wouldn’t have cared too much that I had to take a cab somewhere that was a bit expensive. It wouldn’t have been too bad that the cab was insanely late and on the wrong side of the street. It also wouldn’t have been horrible that the bus driver screwed up and didn’t let me off at the bus stop I asked for and I had to take a bus around. It was kind of annoying that I was going to spend the afternoon working with someone who makes me feel like six different kinds of crap. It was also a bitch that I almost lost my purse because the strap came undone. But there was one thing, one solitary thing, that was the kicker. The funny thing is it could have been a good thing. But oh no. It was all a trick.

As I was catching the bus that was going to screw up, a guy I knew came up to me and was talking to me and said he’d run and get me a brownie. I thought, “mmm. A brownie! Sounds good!” He gave me one, and just as I bit into it, I heard him say, “Yeah, a Vegan brownie!”

I cannot even begin to describe the unpleasantness that waits to greet anyone who tries a vegan brownie. On top of the fact that you have no earthly idea what you’re eating, I think the killer is it’s not uniform. I don’t know what it is about vegan goop, whatever goes in it, *gag*, but it doesn’t seem to mix well. One bite tastes like peanut buttery goodness. The next tastes like a wad of paper towel. What’s up with that? So every bite is a gamble. It doesn’t take long before I’m dreading the next bite. And I love, and can finish, most little dessert squares. But half of this went in the bus garbage can. I thought if I didn’t do that, more would be in there because I’d lose my lunch…and the rest of the brownie. Not a good scene at all.

So that was my afternoon. Probably people have had far worse than that. But as I said, there’s not much worse to eat than a vegan brownie.

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