Things Get Naked. Tale Of Toronto Cont’d

Last Updated on: 17th October 2013, 03:18 pm

So after finishing up at Murphy’s Law and leaving noticeable vacancies on the wall, we decided it was time to move on. Aaron’s eye was beginning to swell shut but the trooper swore he was still good to go. You gotta love guys with heart.

We headed out to the limo and told the driver he could starting making his way back towards Oshawa but we would make a stop or two more along the way. We weren’t sure where yet. Leave it to Melissa to come up with the best idea. “STRIP CLUB!” were her exact words out of nowhere. No one argued and we went to some place that I was too piss tanked to remember the name of. It was fairly seedy to say the least.

So we went in and the place was basically empty save for a couple guys playing pool and 2 other guys at a table on the far side of the bar. We sat down for a bit with another beer to take in the entertainment. While one girl was dancing, another one of the girls came over to talk to us. She sat there for a quite a while clapping for the other dancers and making general conversation. Then she asks an interesting question that we all pondered for a bit.

“Do you think it’s weird for a guy to want to come and watch his fiance do this for a living?” We all thought that was pretty weird and all agreed that none of us would wanna see our loved ones dancing for someone else. Perhaps shallow on our part, but seemed to be the consensus. She then caught us off gaurd by saying “See, I think so too – but yet there’s my fiance, just like every other night.” and pointed to a guy at another table. He looked…. creepy. but different strokes for different folks I guess.

Eventually 2 of my friends went outside with her to have a smoke and her boyfriend of coarse followed. They said afterwards that he seemed like a nice guy – just kinda protective. But they smoked and chatted and my friends congratulated them (I guess) on their engagement.

Meanwhile inside Aaron narrowly avoided another fight after looking at a pool player dude’s girl the wrong way I guess. But things were quickly calmed down when one of the other guys with us quickly said “this guy’s already gotten his ass kicked once tonight, he doesn’t need it again” and the guys just kinda laughed and all was forgotten.

After chatting with the odd stripper couple and the menacing pool players a bit longer we piled back in the limo and headed back to Oshawa. We all ended up at Aaron’s parents place first, being what drunk people think is “quiet” and doing shots of very dirty whiskey. 2 people ended up throwing up outside. Not bad out of 8. A few headed back to my parents place with me and the rest crashed at Aaron’s, not before 3 tried to get high in Chris’ car in my parents driveway and having that end with one throwing up right in the middle of the driveway out his car door.

the next morning we all went back to Aaron’s parents place where his mom made breakfast that not many people felt up for eating. Aaron, in his drunken stooper had forgotten to hide the pictures that we stole so his mother asked him where they came from. He quickly and swiftly answered “We won them at this cool pub.”. He seemed quite proud of himself and we were all impressed with the quick wit. But it didn’t last long as his mom followed up with “Oh ya? That’s cool. You usually don’t see bars giving away pictures with nails still stick in them and drywall all over the back.”. We all just laughed. No sense in trying to climb out of it. But she didn’t care.

The following night was embarassing. As I forgot to mention earlier that 2 people who came on the trip are in the television program at our college and have nice video cameras and we had forgotten that from time to time they were powered up and some of the stupider moments were caught on tape. No one likes watching themself drunk. But we all did. We sat in shock and awe silently through the whole tape, no one wanting to comment on anyone elses supidity cuz no one knew when their own stupid comment was coming up next. When it was all over, instead of trying to never speak of it again, Chris broke the tention with something we all agreed on. “Fuck, guys. We’re doin’ this every year!”

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