Goodbye Old House, I’ll Miss You….A Little

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:24 am

Well, I’ve pissed and moaned about my house a lot lately. But now that it’s almost time to say goodbye to it, it makes me think of all the little things I’ll miss about living there.

I’ll miss the guys at the little store down the street, who, at first, could barely understand me, but now remember everything I ever get from there, and make jokes about how often I come buy for little things, especially the older guy who seemed really rude because he greeted us the first time with, “What! ” But now wonders how I’ll ever get the milk home and tells me not to fall in the winter.

I’ll miss the guy who lives in the main part of the building who appears randomly and asks me how I am. He always told me he was there if I needed him for things, and worried about me when the creeps started moving in next door.

I’ll miss the lady who brings the mail. Whenever I’d run into her, she’d stop and talk to me, and she was so excited for me when I went away for Babs. She was also excited when I said I was leaving my house of chaos. She genuinely cared about me, and said I deserved better than that. How cool is that?

I’ll miss the landlord. He was always good to me. I know the new one will probably be good to me, but I feel bad for this one, because when I leave, who knows what he’ll get? He’s such a good guy, I hate to see him abused like this. I know you’re saying, he’s the landlord, he can say no…but in this case, I don’t think he can very easily since he’s not the head hauncho. They pick the people, he cleans up their shit, and has to do it with a smile. Poor guy.

I’ll miss the short walks to all the bars and restaurants nearby. It made parties much easier. I know it won’t be a long walk from this place, but these places were essentially right outside my door.

And most of all, I’ll miss the place itself. It was a cute bachelor pad that didn’t make you feel like you were living in a closet. Hey, I managed to have me and five other people in it for a new years party. Who can do that in most little places like that? It fit everything I had and there was still room to move. It served its purpose, it was the place where I learned I could make it on my own, and it was cool. So I’ll always look back on it with nostalgia…as I do a dance of joy and move into our new home. Onward and upward!

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