What’s a Bed and Breakfest?

Last Updated on: 25th February 2014, 09:54 am

I saw something that wouldn’t bug me much if I’d seen it anywhere but where I saw it. I saw a typo. Someone had written breakfest instead of breakfast. No biggy. Everybody makes a mistake sometimes. But where did I see it? On the main page of the newspaper’s website!

To me, this is huge. First, I remember catching six different kinds of hell when I was in school and made the occasional spelling booboo or typo. I appreciated the correction, but I sure didn’t appreciate the piles of bullshit about “You need to not make sloppy spelling mistakes if you want to work anywhere.” So how can someone who puts together a newspaper’s website get away with errors?

It especially bugs me when I see errors in a newspaper, because some people tell their kids to look at the newspaper as an example of how to write. It’s kind of the same level of annoyance as when I see typos in a textbook. I mean, come on, breakfest? Even a spellchecker could catch that one.

I wrote their web team, let’s see if they fix it.

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