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Last Updated on: 4th October 2018, 01:45 pm

Man, I learn something new every day. Somebody was freaking out about the old scam where people used to phone businesses and get them to dial some numbers, and because of that, the person asking the business to dial numbers would get access to their long distance. So I went to get the status of that story from I found something cool. They have a section where they put the top 25 legends, based on media coverage and searches, in a list. I went there to see if I’d seen them all, since I’ve seen a fair share of hoaxes since I got email. Surprisingly, there were a bunch I hadn’t seen before, but there was one particularly disturbing one. Some idiot has written up an email claiming that if you are being robbed and made to withdraw money from your bank account at a bank machine, if you enter your PIN number backwards, it will still give you the money, but send a silent alarm to the police. They claim it’s everywhere and it can mean the difference between life and death.

How about nope.

Apparently, in Kansas, this system does exist, but it’s not widely known how many machines do it. Everywhere else, that does not work.

I don’t understand why people write hoaxes like this. I know people write other hoaxes just to see how far they can spread. Some people think they’re writing facts, but it turns out they are just misinformed. But this one could potentially cause harm to someone, and it’s likely the author knows it!. Someone getting held up could try this one time, no police would arrive and that could be the end of them. Why are there so many pricks in the world?

I hope never shuts down, they do such good research and save me a lot of trouble!

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