Put the Idea of Requesting Cards for Sick Kids to Bed, It Never Does any Good.

Last Updated on: 6th January 2017, 06:54 pm

Ok there family of Brandon Rayner who told me to get a heart. do you still agree with me, even when I give you our latest poor unfortunate soul? His name is Christopher Bedgood, and none of this is his fault or the fault of his overwhelmed family. someone else decided that Christopher Bedgood needed Christmas cards, sent the message, and got a radio station in on it. Now the poor family not only has to deal with the fact that their little guy has cancer, they’re deluged with a million unwanted Christmas cards and they’re begging people to stopstopstopstop.

I hope the poor little guy gets well and the family doesn’t have to do something crazy like move to get away from the continuous card avalanch.

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