The Wait is Over!

Last Updated on: 24th September 2016, 11:11 am

I can’t contain this. I’m so happy happy happy I have to write it here. And because I’m a complete and utter bitch, I’m going to make you wait for the good stuff just as long as I have to.

Today, I finished up my shift of answering phones. As I left, tired as usual, I phoned home to say I was on my way home so Steve knew generally when to expect me. And this is what happened.

steve: hello?

Me: hello.

Steve: How are you?

Me: tired…but whatever.

Steve: Well, wake up.

Me: huh?

Steve: I was heating up the grill and starting to make food when the phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, so I let the machine get it. I checked a bit later, and discovered you have a message from…
(world suddenly begins to move in slow mo. I cannot breathe. I’m clinging to the railing)
the instructor at Guide Dogs!

Me: gasp. Shriek!
(runs for exit of building since I just shrieked and might have caused unnecessary alarm)

Me: Some incoherent babble and a lot of gasping, half laughing and half crying!

I ran down the street, probably looking like I was looped out on bad drugs. I was half expecting to get stopped and asked if I was ok. I was so giddy I didn’t care. Tears were streaming down my face as I ran because I’m such a terminal sap and cry when I’m happy too. I got to the bus and got on. Then, fate started teasing me, making this gift like those Christmas gifts you get that are wrapped in 3 boxes and you have to keep opening more and more boxes. The damn bus took 10 minutes to leave the damn square! When I got off at my stop, the damn sidewalk was covered in ice, snow, and assorted garbage, so it took even longer to get home than I wanted to! I ran inside, called back the instructor and…got his answering machine!

Arg! He’s done for the day. God damn damn damn it! But tomorrow, I will have my doggy class date, and as soon as I have it, it’s goin’ up here! Yeah! I’m goin’ to California! Start the countdown, baby!

I can’t even begin to express how this feels. All the anciness is over! I’m going! I feel drunk without taking a sip of booze. I’m incoherent and stuttering. I’m absolutely nuts with glee! And you’re all staring at me like I should really take a chill pill. Maybe I should. Na! I’m gonna enjoy this!

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