2006 World Goalball Championships. Online Radio

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This was just sent to the old inbox for circulation. If you have no idea what Goalball is – the rest of this post will not interest you. Anyway – here’s the e-mail.

“Hi Sports fans!

We are just a few days away from the beginning of the 2006 IBSA World Goalball Championships, where we will make history by providing live goalball for the first time ever!

In this e-mail we’ll list the games we are intending to cover (we will possibly do more if demand is as high as we are expecting!), and we’ll show you how to get on to the site to enjoy the games!

Here is the list of games we are intending to cover during the round robin events, all leading up to Saturday the first of July, when we will bring you all the action from the round of 16 right through to the trophies presentations.

All times mentioned are Eastern Standard Time – local times (5 hours behind UK time, six hours behind Europe, fifteen hours behind Sydney Australia)

Wednesday – MALE



Thursday – Female

2pm Australia Vs Brazil

3pm Denmark Vs Greece

Friday – Mens

1pm Denmark Vs Algeria

2pm Germany Vs China


3pm Canada Vs Finland

Then Saturday from 9am until the conclusion around about 10pm

How to link in to the games

Let me stress first of all, once more, these internet broadcasts are free!

There is no sign up required.

Each evening you can listen to edited highlights of the day’s play on the Audio Network, where there will be a permanent audio record of the tournament that you can catch up with any time. Here is the link to the edited highlights show, which will be online commencing Wednesday morning.


This is also where you can play an online interactive game of goalball on your computer for free too!

NOTE FROM VC: This game is the single worst game of all time – do NOT waste your time. I beg you. Now back to your regularly scheduled announcement.

Listening live is just as easy!

Here is the web address of talking communities where you can listen to the games


Once there, click on the first link called “Auditorium”. A page will appear that will ask for your name and a password. Simply put in your name, no password is required for this event. You will then be taken to the auditorium, where you will hear the live goalball at the specified times.

If you have any problems connecting, Pat Price would be happy to help with any questions! Here is Pat’s e-mail address…


We are so excited to be pushing the boundaries of blind sports coverage, and

we hope you will enjoy the tournament.

All there is left to say is good luck to all teams competing! (Note from VC: but especially Canada)

Best regards,

Bill Teale (the Audio Network)

Pat Price (Talking Communities)”

And that’s that. Neat concept. whether it will fly or not or whether there will be the demmand from the “blink” community to make it worth while on a regular basis is yet to be determined – but good on them for trying. I, however, will not be listening as myself and a friend will be flying to South Carolina Wednesday morning to take in the rest of the round robin and playoffs. It should be a great time.

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