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Last Updated on: 16th October 2020, 03:14 pm

I just felt like posting about a bunch of stuff, and since this is going to be the last bit of sanity I have before my life gets turned upside-down by guide dog school and puppy’s arrival, not that I’m complaining, I figured I should take it!

So it’s 3 days to go, can you believe it? I know I can’t. Strangely enough, it feels more unreal now that I can look at the tickets, my travel insurance letter, the American money I got than it did when I was waiting for the package. Things are falling o so smoothly into place.

I’m looking forward to the weather there. This week has been awesome here, but today it chilled right off. A few days ago, they were threatening a winter storm for this weekend, which sent my guts into knots. When was the winter storm? This weekend! When do I fly out? This weekend! But the threat of nasty blizards seems to have lessened. Now that I’ve said the weather looks good in California, I’ll feel like a rubber ducky because it’ll rain and rain and rain! Ah it’ll still be fun.
But I may have jynxed myself today by doing the unthinkable. I may have sent myself into peril by, *gasp*, deleting a chain letter. It claims if I delete a letter telling people how much I love them, hateful things will happen to me. Even if I send it on, but not to enough people, hateful things will happen to me. What is that? Message of love from the mob? Tell your family you love them or else…we’ll wack you and everyone you care about? God I hate those forwards. I hate the tone, I hate the guilt, I hate it all. They assume I don’t tell the people I love how much they matter. What if I do, and what if I, horror of horrors, use my own words to say it? But if a plane bound for Sanfrancisco out of Toronto crashes on Sunday morning, I guess we’ll know why, hahaha. Wow I feel evil.

But the best part about getting this forward was what the person sent it said on the top. She said, “Sorry.” Sorry? If she didn’t want to send the forward, and felt she needed to apologize for it, why did she send it? Did someone have a gun to her head? Did they tell her they’d personally make sure bad things happened to her if she didn’t send it to 50 people right now? What was up with that?

And here’s something baffling. A commercial came on for some Crayola product, and at the end, they said, “Look for it in the Crayola aisle.” Crayola gets its own aisle? Ok, this is how I picture an aisle. It’s got two sides, each with multiple shelves. Crayola needs a whole one of these just for its stuff? Holy crap that’s a lot of Crayola, and I must be out of touch when it comes to the sheer amount of drawing supplies out there!

Is that really all I can think of? Damn that’s disappointing. I swear I’m forgetting something, but my mind is so muddled with things to remember to pack, remember to do, when my parents are coming to help me with some last minute jobs, all manner of crap. I’m going to try and do something cool. I’m going to keep a journal of what guide dog class is like, and I’m going to email it home to Steve who’s going to slip in as me and post it for me. If I’m lucky, I’ll even get a picture of my new puppy to put up! Yea! We can post photos now!

So If I don’t post something before Sunday…you’ll probably be glad to be free of my jabber for a while. Hope it warms up again so we can all enjoy it!

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