A Shining Star

Last Updated on: 28th February 2018, 08:52 am

I knew something was missing in that hodgepodge. Man, even though my sleep is much better, thanks to probably a decreasing list of things to do, and sleepytime tea, my sleep is still somewhat screwy and that leaves me absent-minded and doing a lot of stupid stuff. Like today for example. Every time I went to leave the laundry room, I’d go the wrong way! Like, what?

There’s one big thing that I meant to mention in that last post. Ah hell, maybe that’s for the best, maybe it deserves its own post anyway. That big thing is that Star Computer Services is awesome! If you need a computer, I’m sure he’d build you a fine one. But more importantly, if you’re a blink and you need a computer, you should so talk to him. He is the best access technology vendor I’ve seen in a long time. Let me make a list outlining his awesomeness.

  • When you contact him and tell him you want a computer, he will tell you exactly what your computer will consist of. Most other vendors just give you sizes and stuff, but not brand names.
  • He’s damn fast! He’s an email fiend, and he knows his stuff.
  • I’ve seen two examples of his handywork, and they’re both fine, fine machines.
  • After you get your machine, he’s actually good for the tech support if you need it.
  • He sells other stuff, and at good prices too!
  • When you buy stuff through him, he tells you how you can claim it on your taxes for medical expenses. How cool is that?
  • And here’s the coolest. When he had to send something to Steve through the mail that Steve had to sign and send back, he brailled on the outside of the envelope, and made a line you could feel where he had to sign. This man thinks of everything.

I want this man to be in business when I need my next computer, so if anyone needs anything access-technology-related, I highly recommend you check if he sells it, and give him a try!

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