Bits of Trixie goodness I forgot about.

Last Updated on: 15th October 2013, 10:08 am

I knew I was forgetting some things about Trixie that I wanted to say. So here are the things I forgot.

I have now discovered she likes squirrels. They tempt her whenever we walk through the university campus. Always something new.

When we’re playing, sometimes she pins my head down and sniffs my ear. I think she’s imitating me when I sniff her ears. I can almost hear her saying, “How do you like that?”

She does the funniest things sometimes. She has this tendency to let out these huge sighs, and at the perfect times too. I will have just finished saying “Oh I have so much work to do.” and from Trixie, I hear the biggest sigh. It’s hillarious. Or, right after I correct her for doing something she knows is wrong, she’ll shake her whole body as if to say, “What was I thinking?”

Whenever there’s a sudden noise, she jumps. She especially likes to jump when Steve makes a beer bottle make that train whistle noise.

Have I got them all now? I think so.

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